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At Endurance Fitness of Kentwood, we're serving up our community with an old-school bodybuilding atmosphere, but with quality and modern equipment. Our no-nonsense fitness facility is centered around your goals and growth, and caters to the experienced lifters, the pro athletes and the early beginners. You'll feel like family as soon as you walk through our doors. Join the best strength training facility in Michigan today.

Below are just some of the amenities and features we're proud to offer:


  • 24 hour card key access
  • Over 36,000 lbs of free weight
  • Full functional training area including reverse hyper extension, inverse curl, anterior chain developer, two assault bikes, secondary set of dumbbells up to 95lbs, 12x50 feet of turf, 350lb tire, Rogue sled, kettlebells up to 100lbs, a variety of foam rollers, Dynavec Gluteaotor, and much more
  • Dedicated leg room with over 30 pieces of equipment, including three squat racks, deadlift platform, bumper plates, safety squat bar, hex bars, Ohio bars, deadlift bars, farmer carry handles, cambered squat bar, pendulum squat, belt squat, bilateral leg press, hack squat, glute bridge, hip press, Power Squat Pro XT, front squat machine, donkey calf raise, angled calf raise, booty builder hip thrust, and many others.
  • Large dumbbell area with dumbbells up to 175lbs
  • An eight stack jungle, a two stack, and two Smith machines
  • 3-4 plate loaded machines for each angle for chest and shoulders, three peck decks, two free weight flat benches, one incline, one decline, military press, and dip bars. A chest supported T-bar row and standing T-bar row, standing lateral raise machine, pullover machine, overhead tricep machine, and many many more
  • The cardio section is comprised of six ellipticals, seven treadmills, seven stationary bikes, six stairclimbers, and one Jacob’s ladder
  • Both locker rooms are equipped with 67 lockers, three shower stalls, and a dry sauna
  • 12’ x 8’ private posing room
  • On-site sports massage therapist
  • Bottled drinks and preworkout powder are available for purchase during staffed hours

Come Conquer Your Goals With Us Today

For more information about Endurance Fitness of Kentwood and our membership options, please fill out the form on the side of your screen. We can't wait to begin working with you. 

Areas We Serve:

  • Kentwood
  • Grand Rapids
  • Wyoming

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